Since my last blog post about exciting new ideas and new work emerging, everything went on hold as we moved house!

The need to move house became of paramount importance because our thoroughly unpleasant (now former) landlord treated us appallingly for no reason. I’m tempted to slip into rant mode about the injustice of it all, but I’ve done so much ranting these last few weeks to any poor soul who’ll listen so I need to put that whole experience behind me!

Stormy horizon

We’d been on the look out for somewhere else to rent for a good year after a particularly upsetting incident 18 months ago, then amazingly, just when a new issue reared his ugly head, a house came up in the next valley. It’s been a long and exhausting move with lots of decorating in the new house and trying to make it homely, but we’re getting there and it’s a beautiful house. The bonus is it has a spare downstairs room which I can have as a studio! I never imagined we’d find a place with room for me to work.

Studio coming along nicely…

A studio! A place for me to work in at long last. No more working in the living room and taking over the dining table for days (weeks) at a time, somewhere to store my work and equipment and I don’t have to share this room with anyone! It’s mine….all mine! I’m pondering revisiting my glass work too. I can’t wait (jumping up and down)!! I’m hoping very much, with all this upheavel, that once my studio is ready I don’t get ‘the fear’ which involves (for me) processing self doubt, pressure to make Good Art, selling my work, lack of confidence and now the added pressure of justifying having a whole room to myself! Until I get in a rhythm, this seems to be a pattern of emotions I have to negotiate…and just when I’m free of this settling in period and starting to produce work I’m happy with, I’ll have to stop because the school summer holidays will start! I would be interested to know how other artists juggle working from home and being the principal carer of their children during school holidays.

It’s taking a while to get it set up. I need to ensure the house is finished and functioning as a lovely family home before I can even contemplate starting my art work again; as once I’m in, any decorating and unpacking left to do will be abandoned and forgotten, just like the blasted housework!

So watch this space. I’ll be back soon and my brain has allowed one or two ideas to filter through into my consciousness in anticipation! Though I have to say, it’s a great shame I don’t do landscapes. We now live in a beautiful landscape with ever changing light and weather…but sadly any attempts to do ‘landscape art’ in the past left me cold and uninspired, but photographing it is giving me immense joy so all is not lost.

A grand view

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