Socktacular had a very humble beginning in sock toys for children, but on the discovery of the EU law regarding selling toys and requiring certification, I decided it was time to try something a bit different, and put my sculptural roots into practice again.

The new Socktacular emerged as little art dolls, with background stories. The catalyst for these art dolls was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak – a wonderful book, as I’m sure you know. I decided to study the characters facial expressions, in socks;  to learn how to keep it simple, like the drawings, but inject a huge amount of attitude and emotion. The work you see today is a very much refined and developed version of those early pieces, but of my own little characters with their own stories.


The Socktacular characters I make all have a life of their own, each one unique and he/she usually ends up quite different from the initial starting point. Sometimes it feels like they take on a life of their own through my fingers and thoughts; I feel very  motherly  and protective over them when they’re finished. I draw inspiration from my own children and snippets of memories from my own childhood, and often my brother as he was a particularly lively and animated little boy – the big age difference between us means I have very clear memories of his various little misdemeanors but from an almost adults perspective.

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